Graffiti Letters Reputation In The Gov Eyes  

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Graffiti letters also has a pretty bad reputation in the eyes of the government in almost all countries, because the graffiti was accused of being the most frontal media to blaspheme or even strongly criticized a government in a country. You could say art is an art which includes underground category. You could say this is because the activities carried out discreetly and usually done at night. Talking about graffiti and the politics will not escape with a character named Alexander Brener. He was the first to bring politics to the arts, and he also was the first time a political voice through the media on this one.

The bomber (graffiti artists) usually make this painting on the wall street overpass, the side walls of the house, land wall to sleep, until the rolling door is already closed shop.
Writing sometimes shaped by using spray paint or paint the walls. Sometimes the writing is a mixture of letters and pictures. To be sure, because the color is striking, the painting had been so attracted the attention of road users.

Although his writing sometimes reads only the group name and the names of people, graffiti letters can also make us marvel that the letters forms attractive. In fact, sometimes we aren't able to read the writing because too hard to spell.

Graffiti Bombing Creator In the 70's  

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Graffiti bombing around the 70th year in the U.S. and Europe finally extended to urban areas as a group identity that flourished in urban areas. Because the image is not good, graffiti already a scourge to the security of the city. The reason is because it is considered to provoke a war between a group or gang. Performed in addition to a blank wall, the graffiti was often made in the wall of an underground train.

In the United States alone, every state already has his own rules to reduce graffiti ... San Diego, California, New York already have laws that specify that graffiti is an illegal activity ... to identify patterns of manufacture, the graffiti was divided into two types ...

Gang graffiti ... the graffiti that functions as a regional power through the identification of writing gang names, gang combined, gang members, or writing about what happened in the alley ...

Tag graffiti alphabet... the kind that is often used to fame a person or group of graffiti ... more and more of this type were scattered, the more the manufacturer's name ... be famous Therefore this type of graffiti or tagging require the signature of the maker or his bomber kind of responsibility ... work ...

Draw 3D Graffiti Step by Step  

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Draw 3D graffiti is not easy, even for those born with the talent images. Like many other art forms, no one can do without a lot of practice.

For those just getting started to plunge into the world of graffiti, it's good to sharpen the skills used in the sketchbook. Sketching is very important both in preparation for making graffiti, as well as training activities. Piece is usually better if we depart from sketching. In the sketch, we can easily see the piece as a whole (different from the piece on the wall that requires us to move away from the wall to see it full).

Sketching do not cost anything and can be done in any situation, such as taking the bus, at a boring lecture hours, at home, anywhere. The important thing is to always bring paper, pencils, eraser, and sharpener wherever we are. Even better if we have a sketchbook for drawing we can organized.

Of course we can not forever stuck in the sketchbook, sooner or later we must plunge into the wall to put what we have sketch before.Than you can start your graffiti art.

3D Online Graffiti Creator  

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To all graffiti art lovers have artful ways for you via the Internet is by making a graffiti Online via the Internet. Perhaps most of you "Draw Graffiti" in the wall or where he could be a canvas for your creativity to pour. but this time we make a graffiti via Internet
want to know how?

Picture above is a picture of one of the sites that make an online graffiti Graffiti Creator of the initial view of this website, you can choose the type of graffiti that you want. after you select the model will display this view.

On the view you can pour your creativity. on the left there is a scroll scroll for RGB color set. and to write the word you want in graffiti you can type in the create options, and then you select the option create, at the edges again no option Rotation Width and Height to set the small and the direction of rotation you want in your graffiti. and most important option is the right option is the option to add your effect on 3D graffiti.

Such as the example I made this.

Draw 3D Graffiti Creator With Paper Sketch  

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How to draw 3D graffiti many species ranging from abstract, Wildstyle, bubble, and 3 dimensions. In this post I wanted member little explanation how to create 3D graffiti.

(-) The first thing you should do is to sketch a picture in a paper.
(-) And then you find a blank wall and you paint a white base color that can be integrated in pilox on the wall.
(-) After it was prepared 3-dimensional sketch of graffiti you've made.
(-) Pilox prepare you already prepared.
(-) If you are a beginner and doubt (still scared) holds pilox you should make a sketch on the wall using a pencil first, but if you are already a professional simply use pilox but you should not use black pilox first.
(-) Oh yes do not forget before you make a sketch on the wall you should prepare MAL. What is LAM? The mall is a tool used for a ruler on the wall, Mai made of paper / cardboard / plywood / paper. How to make the MAL prepare your cartons eg cut into two parts and hold you fold straight. And the straight edges that will be used as a ruler on the wall.
(-) After MAL ready and you have made a sketch on the wall and then you start coloring your sketches made in the wall. To have graffiti on 3 arise you must set the appropriate color to form e.g. a light green color and should shadow dark green color in order to produce unified.
(-) And then paint on the graffiti is to make it look neat and beautiful should use MAL you created earlier.
(-) After the results are neatly graffiti give your stay black and white blur on the shadow.
(-) Then you will produce 3D graffiti.
(-) Good luck and success.